Frequently Asked Questions

The Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) is a political party in Queensland with a highly talented team, resources and capabilities to competitively contest all 93 electoral seats in the 2024 Queensland state election. The party is applying for inclusion in the Electoral Commission of Queensland register of political parties.

The Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) and its candidates are standing for election to represent their electorates and constituents. The DPQ does not align with any ideology. The party formulates public policy based on the requirements of the electorates.

The Democratic Party of Queensland stands for the people of Queensland. The DPQ endorses and nominates candidates for the Queensland legislative assembly to represent the people of their electorates and their genuine needs. The role of representatives of electorates is to communicate the needs of the people to the party, and the elected party enacts, amends or repeals statutes based on those needs.

To affect change, people with similar values must hold a majority in the legislative assembly and be in government. Only through a majority in the parliament and being in government can the DPQ implement the public policy the people of Queensland want. Therefore, we are contesting every electorate in Queensland to allow us to secure a minimum of a 47-seat majority.

The DPQ does not assert that women, Aboriginal people or other groups do not have the capabilities to compete for some roles and therefore require special treatment. The DPQ selects candidates and other personnel that demonstrate capabilities to produce the best outcomes for their electorates and the party. The DPQ does not discriminate by selecting people based on sex or race.

The Democratic Party of Queensland maintains a flat organisational structure consisting of the management committee, candidates, operational personnel and members. The party does not have branches or any divisions within the organisation. All participants in the party have direct and free liaison with each other.

The role of the government is to create, amend and repeal legislation and establish public policy according to the needs of constituents. The DPQ formulates public policy and statutes by engaging with the people of Queensland and acting on the needs of each community. The Party relies on the representatives of each electorate to guide us on the needs of their communities.

Candidates and relevant people submit public policy proposals through the party’s collaboration application on behalf of their constituents or themselves. They are then discussed and scrutinised by the management committee, candidates and interested members until a consensus. Then the public policy is drafted, formally adopted by the management committee and published.