The Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) is a political party in Queensland with a highly talented team, resources and capabilities to competitively contest all 93 electoral seats in Queensland state elections.


Our core value is a democracy, where people elect representatives that represent their electorates and not the party, human rights, freedom of speech, access to information, freedom of expression, and the freedom to protest – a democracy where the people influence the political process and power.

Public Policy by Queenslanders

The role of the government is to create, amend and repeal legislation and establish public policy according to the needs of constituents. We formulate public policy and statutes by engaging with the people of Queensland and acting on the needs of each community. We rely on the representatives of each electorate to guide us on the needs of their communities.

Accountability, Transparency and Integrity

The government is a public institution that is accountable to the people. Our objective is to be a government that provides factual and accurate information to the public and does not use misleading or false information for alternate purposes, to be transparent and accountable in all commercial activities and allow freedom of information and disclosure.


Resolving crime is our primary public policy objective because it is a proven product of poor socio-economics. Crime is the product of the housing crisis, the closure of opportunities caused by lockdowns and the contraction of the economy caused by bad public policy. Resolving crime at its core means resolving the underlying issues such as housing, employment, education, healthcare and justice.


We understand the housing crisis in Queensland and the need for rapid solutions. Every person has the right to housing. We understand the urgency to resolve the current housing crisis. Our primary housing public policy objective is to increase the supply of government owned housing in Queensland at firm affordable rates.


Every citizen must have access to a high standard of prompt healthcare. Our objective is to broaden the scope of healthcare cover and enhance service delivery.

Constitutional Human Rights

Human rights must be absolute. They must equally bind and apply to all statutes, citizens and the state. They cannot be amended or suspended for convenience under any circumstances. Our objective as a government is to embed human rights into the Queensland Constitution that can only be amended or repealed by a referendum.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

We do not make decisions based on selective or manipulated information to support donors or a minority with special interests. We make decisions based on vetted information that is in the best interest of Queensland.


We accept donations from individuals and entities that value and support the policies of the party and constituents. We do not accept donations or gifts to influence public policy or decisions.

We organise events in each electorate to engage with constituents to formulate public policy. Our events are free to allow everyone to contribute to public policy. We do not organise events to raise funds from individuals or entities that may want to influence our decisions.

Fundraising events organised by candidates are strongly discouraged and not endorsed. We fund the campaigns of each candidate to eliminate the need for fundraising events.

Queensland Prohibited Donor Scheme

Queensland law prohibits political donations from property developers and industry bodies which have property developers as the majority of their members. It is illegal to make or accept these prohibited donations. It is also unlawful to ask for someone to donate on behalf of a prohibited donor.


The Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) has established, implemented and maintains a policy for disclosing interactions with individuals or entities intending to influence public policy. These individuals and entities should familiarise themselves with this policy and how it may affect them before contacting the DPQ.

Meetings & Correspondence Related to Public Policy

The DPQ discloses information about meetings and correspondence with individuals and entities who intend to influence public policy. We publish public statements containing the particulars of the parties and a summary of the meeting.

Meetings & Correspondence with Prospective Candidates

We will not automatically publish public statements disclosing meetings or correspondence with prospective candidates.

Enquiries from bona fide journalists and entities regarding meetings or correspondence with prospective candidates will receive a response via a public statement, addressing the relevant individual or entity requesting information and providing relevant information.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution as amended September 17, 2022, is accessible via the following link: Constitution