Economic Policy

We have a broad range of comprehensive economic policies and plans for exponential and stable economic expansion to enhance the wealth of Queensland and to fund our policies.


Productivity is essential for economic development. We work with relevant stakeholders and experts to create comprehensive productivity public policies and plans.

Our public policies and plans to improve productivity include but are not limited to infrastructure, transport, administrative services and industrial relations.

Investment & Innovation

Our fundamental economic policy objective is to attract talent and innovation to innovate and establish new industries and exports.

Through the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), Queensland will become the world’s largest venture capital institution. The Queensland government will invest in startups and early-stage and emerging companies that can demonstrate high growth potential.

Under our leadership, the Queensland government will attract investment opportunities from abroad and locally to retain ideas in Queensland. The Queensland government will acquire equity in these entities that will become future assets for the people of Queensland.

We will publish the estimated revenue from this policy in advance of the election.

Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990

We oppose the Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990. We are affirmative to repeal the Act entirely. The Act is a constraint on the economy and employment. The objectives of the Act have been unsuccessful. Therefore, repealing the Act will enable the economy to reach its potential.

We will publish the estimated revenue from this policy in advance of the election.