Infrastructure Policy

Efficient and effective infrastructure is essential for safety, security and economic development. Our objective is to enhance Queensland’s infrastructure for economic growth and to ensure the assets belong to the people of Queensland.

Privatisation of Public Infrastructure

We oppose the privatisation of publicly owned infrastructure. Public infrastructure must remain public to serve and generate revenue for the people of Queensland.

Inland Rail

The Inland Rail project is the largest nation-building project since the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme. The project is an immense opportunity for Queensland. A Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) government will expedite relevant state approvals, support a Toowoomba to the Port of Gladstone State Development Area link.

Furthermore, we will review and improve the rail connection between Toowoomba and Brisbane. We will address unresolved environmental issues related to route selection and ensure the range tunnel is a public asset capable of servicing future high-speed passenger rail services.

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Our objective is to make energy reliable and affordable for all Queensland whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

We are engaging with participants and stakeholders in the energy sector to establish appropriate energy policies.

Electricity Infrastructure

A Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) government will not further the privatisation of electricity infrastructure. Our public policy objective is to retain current electricity assets and expand electricity generation, network and distribution to meet present and future demands under the control of the Queensland government.

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Flood Management

The frequency and severity of flooding in Queensland are not sustainable. Our objective is to establish, implement and maintain policies and plans to control the risks of disasters such as flooding in Queensland.

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