We are consulting with constituents, the industry and relevant stakeholders to create an affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity infrastructure plan for Queensland.

Electricity Generation

A DPQ government will not privatise Stanwell Corporation or CS Energy. Our objective and targets include enhancing Stanwell Corporation and CS Energy generation capabilities.

Swanbank Power Stations will not be decommissioned or sold under a DPQ government. We will examine options and opportunities to rejuvenate the assets and maximise their value.

Network & Distribution

Energy Queensland Limited and its subsidiaries, including Energex, Ergon Energy, Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd, and Ergon Energy Corporation Limited, will not be privatised by a DPQ government.

A DPQ government will not privatise the Queensland Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited (Powerlink Queensland).

Financial Information

Comprehensive financial information about our electricity public policy and plans will be published when available.