Premier & Cabinet Policy

Ministerial Responsibilities

In a Democratic Party of Queensland government, only adequately experienced and qualified members of parliament or relevant individuals shall be assigned ministerial responsibilities.

The Premier’s only ministerial responsibility will be to engage with constituents and their parliamentary representatives to formulate public policy, provide leadership and direction to the government and review the performance of ministers and the government.

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Queensland Public Service Officers and Other Employees

A Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) government will not remove officers of the Queensland public service based on political alignment. We intend to protect the employment of people in the Queensland public service, and we will not make drastic changes to the public service. We will regularly review the performance of the Queensland public service, and we will make improvements in the best interests of the people of Queensland and Queensland government workers.

False and Misleading Information

We will establish statutes that will require the Department of the Premier and Cabinet to take adequate steps to verify and authenticate information and the sources in all public statements.

Right to Information

A Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) government will revoke the right to information exemptions of Queensland government-owned and controlled entities relevant to the transparency and accountability of the Queensland government.

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We will establish statutes prohibiting any ‘Commercial-in-Confidence’ agreements with the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government is public and must be transparent and accountable in all commercial activities.

Remove Discrimination in Queensland Government 

We will amend Queensland statutes that are discriminatory to remove discrimination. Our policy is that all Queensland government appointments must be merit-based to create the best outcomes for Queensland.

Eliminate Cronyism in Queensland Government 

Leadership appointments in our government will be through advertising for open expressions of interest and will be selected based on their potential value to the government and its subsidiaries. Direct appointment of associates, colleagues or relatives will be prohibited.

Remove Conflicts of Interest and Cronyism from the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)

As an anti-corruption policy objective, we will remove directors with conflicts of interest from the QIC and the audit committee.

Membership of the Audit Committee and the board that the committee audits is a conflict of interest that is highly inappropriate in finance and investment.

Retrospective Statutes

Our objective is to prevent the creation and application of statutes retrospectively and for convenience. We propose to amend the Constitution of Queensland to prevent the government and legislature from creating and applying legislation retrospectively for convenience.