Transport Policy

Efficient and safe transport is essential for economic development. We engage with our constituents and specialists to develop transport policies that provide genuine outcomes for Queensland.

Road Safety

Our objective is to improve road safety to make roads faster and more efficient. Our safety plan improves driver competence, road design and engineering and prepares road users for quicker travel.

We will transition from generating revenue under the guise of road safety to establishing and maintaining a balance of road safety and fast transport.

We will publish a comprehensive road safety plan when available.

Faster & Safer Main Roads

Roads that move traffic quickly and safely increase productivity as people and products spend less time in transit. Productivity is a fundamental contributor to economic prosperity.

Our objective is to make the main roads as efficient and effective as possible. We will make suitable main roads faster by increasing speed limits and safer by introducing and enforcing road rules that make faster travel safer.

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Establish a Taskforce for Removal of Rail & Road Level Crossings

As a part of our public policy objective to improve productivity, a DPQ Government will establish a state government task force to review and begin the removal of level crossings.

Detection Camera Operations

The Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) government will change the purpose of traffic detection cameras from operating as a source of revenue to a resource for improving road safety.

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