Privatisation of Detection Camera Operations

A Democratic Party of Queensland (DPQ) government will not outsource the operation of detection camera operations. We oppose law enforcement by private entities or individuals and the enrichment of private entities from public penalties.

Speed Detection Cameras

Under the DPQ government, the use of speed detection cameras will be only for improving road safety.

Speed detection cameras will be deployed only on sections of carriageways where operating motor vehicles to the road conditions is essential. Signage to alert road users about the detection cameras will prompt users to obey the signed speed limit in that area. Road users that intentionally disobey the signed speed limits despite being altered about the location of a speed detection camera and potential risk, will be appropriately penalised as a deterrent.

The policy intends to force drivers to drive to conditions in high-risk areas rather than attempting to generate as many infringements as possible.


We will publish contact information for the dedicated contact person for the policy upon formal appointment.

In the meantime, enquiries regarding our detection camera operations public policy can be submitted via email: